2 botellas Roda I 2012 + 2 botellas Roda 2013 en caja de madera

Wooden box with 4 bottles (2 Roda I 2018 and 2 Roda 2020)

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Wooden box wich contains 2 bottles of Roda I 2018 and 2 bottles of Roda Reserva 2020. An excellent collection of Rioja wines for a gift.

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Geographic Area
La Rioja
D.O.Ca. Rioja
Bodegas Roda
75 CL
Contiene sulfitos

About Bodegas Roda

1987, Mario Rotllant and Carmen Durella arrived to La Rioja and they are ilusionated to create a cellar, but this cellar has to be a new concept in the wine world. For this reason Bodegas Roda is born.

Roda is based in Haro, in the popular Station zone, on a draft of nineteenth century. The building is started in 1991 and it is finished 10 year later. It has a bioclimatc room and two wharehouse excavated in rock.

The viticulture is manual and they do a selection in the vine. The grapes are recepcionated in cellar to a second selection and then they will be back stripped.

After, in the elaboration room the wine will be in 17 tubs of French oak. Those tubs have an important control of temparature and refigeration system. They have a capacity between 12000 litres and 20000 liters. And they are renovated each 10 years. The cover up is usually 18 to 20 days.

The bazuqueos are manual. Then, the wine goes to casks. The malolactic fermentation is made in casks of 225 litres in a innovative room, with radiant and refreshing floor.

The aging of the wine is done in three warehouses, two are underground excavated in rock and the third is the same bioclimatic room for malolactic fermentation. The aging time varies between 12 and 16 months. The assembly of the wines is done a year after being in the cask. In the bottle they will remain between 20 and 24 months minimum.


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